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Have your biography written: Your life in a book

Publi­shing bio­gra­phies is not just for tho­se with famous names. Everyone’s life is worth record­ing in writ­ten form, each and every life lived can reveal some­thing about histo­ry.

Every life sto­ry is dif­fe­rent. Your own indi­vi­du­al bio­gra­phy is uni­que – as will be the book of your life, writ­ten and desi­gned by Rohn­stock Bio­gra­fi­en.
We will accom­pa­ny you every step of the way in pro­du­cing your auto­bio­gra­phy. We aim to record your life in a book which is not only for you but also for future genera­ti­ons.

Sie erzählen, wir machen Ihr Buch des Lebens daraus.

How we work

Unsere Arbeitsweise bei Rohnstock Biografien

Rigour is part of our phi­lo­so­phy. Deve­lo­ping ide­as, sug­ges­ting things you should con­si­der, gui­ding you per­so­nal­ly – a who­le year of pain­sta­king work by dif­fe­rent experts is nee­ded to com­mit your memo­ries to paper. This results in a pro­duct of out­stan­ding qua­li­ty. As well as auto­bio­graph­ers and edi­tors, a team of gra­phic artists, book­bin­ders, prin­ters and secre­ta­ri­al staff all con­tri­bu­te to the crea­ti­on of your book.

We want your memo­ries to be enjoy­a­ble to read. We want the sto­ry of your life to be a plea­su­re to leaf through. Your memo­ries  are the most important part of the heri­ta­ge you lea­ve for others. Whe­ther you want to tell us your sto­ries or alrea­dy have them on paper, your book of life is crea­ted accord­ing to your indi­vi­du­al ide­as and wis­hes.

From the idea to the finis­hed work – we spe­cia­li­se in wri­ting bio­gra­phies and auto­bio­gra­phies.

With the pro­fes­sio­nal sup­port of Rohn­stock Bio­gra­fi­en, you can embark on your per­so­nal jour­ney through time – pick up on what is alrea­dy the­re and dis­co­ver what has long been for­got­ten. Pre­ser­ve your life sto­ry as a work of art. It allows you to sha­re your memo­ries with your child­ren and grand­child­ren, rela­ti­ves, fri­ends and col­leagues. The next genera­ti­on will be thank­ful. Only when we know whe­re we come from do we know whe­re we are going.


Ingar Brueggemann: »From Nordhorn into the World« & »Straight Ahead towards the Sun«

About the two-part auto­bio­gra­phy of Inga Brueg­ge­mann:
Ingar Brueg­ge­mann quick­ly gives up her dream to beco­me a medi­cal doc­tor. She stu­dies Ger­man and Eng­lish lan­guage and lite­ra­tu­re to beco­me a tea­cher. She begins to doubt her decisi­on and goes to Bonn, whe­re she works for the Ger­man Foun­da­ti­on for Deve­lo­ping Coun­tries.

Through a rese­arch assign­ment for the Federal Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Coope­ra­ti­on and Deve­lop­ment, she final­ly meets Dr Vic­tor Zam­mit-Tabo­na, who works for the World Health Orga­ni­za­ti­on (WHO) and offers her a job. Ingar Brueg­ge­mann was one of the first women and Ger­mans ever to take up a mana­ge­ri­al posi­ti­on the­re. She arri­ves at WHO at a moment when the world is in a sta­te of uphea­val.

Band 1 Ingar Brueggemann
»From Nord­horn into the World« (2012, 400 copies)
Band 2 Ingar Brueggemann Cover
»Strai­ght Ahead towards the Sun« (2014, 400 copies)
Ingar Brueggemann Profil
I had a lot to tell. My life memo­ries would pro­bab­ly never have appeared in print, howe­ver, if I had had to wri­te and orga­ni­se them on my own. Wit­hout a reflec­tive coun­ter­part, I would pro­bab­ly soon have lost the desi­re to see the mam­moth task through.
Actual­ly, I enjoy tel­ling sto­ries, but I lack the per­se­ver­an­ce or pati­ence to wri­te down what I have expe­ri­en­ced. In order to com­pen­sa­te this weak­ness, I found the right coun­ter­part in the Rohn­stock employees, and I am very satis­fied with the result.”
Ingar Brueg­ge­mann (born 1933)
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